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Papercrafting, Cardmaking, Scrapbooking “Studio” Tour

I just drool over some of these absolutely gorgeous scrapbook rooms filled with all that pretty cabinetry and book cases specifically designed for this art but you make do with what you have and the space you have.  Because my hubby and I both are artsy, most spaces are shared with him.  This room is approximately 10 x 12 (if that) and I have half the room and he has the other.   On one side is my sewing workstation.  I have a serger, embroidery machine, and a regular sewing machine.   Basically what is left is an L-shaped wall.  I like a big workspace, so I chose to just use an already purchased heavy plastic banquet table.  It is 6 foot long and fits loads on it.  The rest of the items are stored split between two rolling shelving units and some old cubes that used to be an entertainment center.  It is definitely not pretty or  ideal as I would like something more permanent especially for ink pads and such but like I said, you make do with what you have.   It works for me. Truthfully, I would rather spend $20 at Michaels on new patterned paper than on a cabinet.

There are some benefits though.  I look at some of these crafters that buy, buy, buy and I think to myself, where the heck are they storing all of that.  Limited space does keep the buying to a minimum.  It is probably one of the reasons I don’t have a huge amount of embellishments.  I try to keep only what can fit on my clip it up.  Another benefit, and the best one I think, is that I have everything at an arms length.  There is no racing around the room to find a product and I don’t have to race around the room to put it back.  It does help with keeping it clean for the most part.

I still want one of those beautiful studios.  One day..  In the meantime, a video is worth 1,000 words.  Check it out.

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