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simple card using scrap

Posted by on May 4, 2010 in Cards, Videos | 0 comments

I just completed an order for a bunch of gift card holders and had all the left over strips from cutting out the paper along with some extra lollipop flowers and this is what I came up with. Unfortunately, my camera died before I could get a photograph afterwords but here is the video. It is actually my first real video where I make a card completely on camera minus some minor editing to get it within the you tube time limit. I really need to find some what to increase the clarity of the audio and the video. I am using a quite old minolta camera to film it. I really want to purchase a flip video camera but don’t want to spend on it just yet. They look so cute though.

I hope you enjoy.

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breast cancer ribbon card with a gift and update

Posted by on May 3, 2010 in Cards, Life, Videos | 0 comments

I hope everyone had a wonderful National Scrapbooking Day. I spent the day with my husband as it is also his birthday and this year was the big 40 and guess what he wanted for his birthday? You would never guess, so I will spill the beans. Here is comes…. A compost bin. Crazy, eh? Although he probably would have not gotten it otherwise as it wasn’t your $40 composter. We have a large vegetable garden which I am sure you will see in my blog soon enough. Its not very pretty to look at currently as the spring growing season has really just started.

I also spent some time finishing some cards and putting together category file tabs and a display for the auxiliary (pink ladies) that sell my cards. They are at a large medical facility. The last box I sent they cards were swimming in. This display is perfect for the space they have. I have a few more cards to do for them and I will make a video of the display.

I did put together a really pretty card that I videoed. Its a breast cancer awareness ribbon pin card. A card with a little gift all in one. There are quite a few women at the facility that have been touched by breast cancer either themselves or family.

Anyway, a picture speaks louder than words. Here is a little video. I apologize greatly for the terrible lighting and audio. Lighting I think I have solved as I finally installed my clip lamp and purchased a Gorrilapod tabletop tripod with magnetic feet. Audio is the next to work on. I even figured out video editing. Check it out.

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my homemade faux glimmer mist

Posted by on Apr 25, 2010 in Tutorials, Videos | 0 comments

I put together my first little tutorial on how I make my own glimmer mist.  For those of us that are too cheap to buy the real thing or just need something perfectly specific to a project your doing.  Please check it out and leave a comment if it helps.

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stamping for sanity

Posted by on Apr 25, 2010 in Life, Organizing | 0 comments

I started thinking about today the time I spent not being for a lack of a better term “artsy” or lets just say the in between time.  After I decided to take a break from beadmaking, it was a relief that I finally had just decided.  The extra coin was nice to go shopping with and such but it became more of a job than an enjoyment.  Looking back now, after about the first month my mind became a mess, one big gobbledygook of racing thoughts.  I really just chalked it up to women stuff, the holidays, etc.  It really wasn’t until today that I realized that was not the case anymore, there is a nice open clearing where once stood herds of wild buffalo.  I really believe that some people can be happy just relaxing, but I really feel like if I don’t keep busy, I am not accomplishing anything.  I have to keep my hands busy and my mind busy with some sort of focus – planning, lists, designing, etc.  Its amazing what a little bit of stamping and cardmaking can do.

Anyway, I haven’t got any new cards to show but I do have new ones but decided to try submitting them to publications for they heck of it.  Here’s hoping someone might like them.

I do have one thing to show which I am in love with.  I opened our local craigslist which never has anything good but this time a local scrapbooker was selling a variety of scrapbooking items including a ClipItUp.  Both tiers plus the cover and a bunch of extra stickers.  It was meant to be.  I had been waiting to purchase one but always held back because shipping is always outrageous.  I got such a great dealy.  Only $50 for everything.  You can’t beat that.  I have it loaded all up and its such a space saver.

Please excuse the mess behind it, it’s organized chaos.  I really just love it.  If I had space for an additional one, I would purchase it for my stamps.  The only negative I have for it is the racks tend to flip toward you if it gets unevenly heavy on one side, so I fixed it for myself and put a Zot dimensional adhesive under each on the arms and it worked like a charm.

Anyway, its super late here.  I hope everyone has a great Sunday.

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the evolution of a cardmaker’s blog

Posted by on Apr 17, 2010 in Cards | 0 comments

Here’s to my first post.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Megan and I live in Central Florida near Daytona Beach, 33 yrs old, married, with 5 kids.  Five kids right, crazy, but not what you think – 5 furry chihuahuas named Max, Opal, Baleau, Gidget, and Pogo.  Mark is my husband and we were married a little over 10 years ago.  We actually met on when there was such a thing.  He lived in Tennessee and moved here to be with me.  Talked on the phone and online for 13 months, met in real life and 5 days later was engaged, and six months later married.  By profession, I am a medical transcriptionist.  Right now I work for a national company at home which is really great and allows me a lot of time to be crafty.

I have always been crafty.  Even as a young teenager, I would stay home from family vacations to redecorate my bedroom – painting and all.  Or I took photography in high school and turned my small closet into a home darkroom.  As an adult, I always turned my nose up at scrapbooking.  Years ago, the products out there for scrapbookers were just cheesy and  it was always about the 12×12 scrapbook pages and having no kids and a small immediate family, I just could not get into scrapbook pages when I didn’t have the photos to go in them.

Shortly after we were married, I discovered lampwork glass beads.  It has been where my focus has been for years now – encased floral beads, focals, animal beads, silver glass – the works.  I love my beads and am good at making them but last summer when it got so hot out, I kind of just got burned out and decided to take a short detour.   I spent the last 3 months of 2009 looking for a new creative outlet.  I really needed something as I was going nuts not having anything crafty to do.  Somehow I landed in You Tube and discovered scrapbook haul videos and fell in love with all the new products and papers.  I have always been inspired by new product.  Easiest way I used to get out of a beadmaking slump was to order new glass.

Anyway… From the haul videos, somehow I ended up on Kristina Werner’s youtube channel and found her card tutorials.  It really never occurred to me for some reason.  Scrapbook product never in my mind went with cards.  I am really a left brained person and normally would not be artsy, I certainly did not pick up being creative from my parents who have no artistic abilities.  I am analytical and a list maker and very practical but I enjoy making useful, usable, wearable things.  Something about her videos and other you tube cardmakers combined with the haul videos just got me going and over 100 cards later, here I am starting a blog.

The template is a combination of TemplateLite’s template and my header complete with my grunge flowers, tattered florals, lollypop flower, cards, and other pieces right down to the torn paper and background.  It took 12 hours to figure it all out and meld the header to the wordpress template but I really like it.

When I went back to my desk today, I looked down at the remnants of the torn paper and decided not to just throw them away but to make cards from them.  Below are the cards, I hope you enjoy.  I used K & Company’s Classic K Charlotte paper pad and kraft cardstock from to make the cards.  In this day and age with how much the patterned paper can cost, you have to use up every little bit and from scraps made some really sweet cards.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my blog watching my progress.  I plan on offering up some supplies and kits along with my cards in the future.  You have to keep the hobby going.  This is just the beginning.

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